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"IGOE/Associates provided my underdog State Senate campaign with the understanding of how to deliver a message that resonated with swing voters and how to inoculate myself against my opponent's attacks."

Maryland State Senator Jean Roesser

"The Republicans ran an aggressive campaign. They did one hell of a job."

Former State Senator Larry Levitan on his 1994 defeat by Jean Roesser.

"Every day Kevin Igoe invented a different angle on my tax cut message that brought the issue home to voters all across the state."

Ellen Sauerbrey, 1994 Maryland GOP Gubernatorial Nominee

"Igoe's understanding of message development and how to deliver it is among the best. He generates ideas like a one man think tank."

Jim Pitts, Chief of Staff to former United States Senator Spence Abraham

"Igoe's ability to consistently project my campaign's message in a concise and attention getting manner earned us media coverage that otherwise would have been absent."

Delegate John Morgan, 1996 Congressional Nominee

"Igoe is the Republican Party's top consultant in Maryland, a fountain of advice and information."

Gazette Newspapers, February 18, 2000