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"There are . . . lies, damn lies, and statistics."
(Benjamin Disraeli)

IGOE/Associates is an agent of Tel Opinion Research, LLC, a public opinion research firm.

Bill Lee, a nationally known political consultant and Barry Zeplowitz who has conducted over 1,000 public opinion surveys across the United States heads Tel Opinion Research.

Tel Opinion offers the lowest per interview cost of any national research firm and through IGOE/ Associates, the local political expertise to provide an interpretation of the survey results that will provide the most value to your campaign.

Tel Opinion's research surveys are specifically designed to be affordable to candidates at the local and state legislative level.

Tel Opinion Research will provide you with the certainty of knowing what your voters think on a range of issues. And using Tel Opinion's survey results, IGOE/ Associates will help you design a targeting strategy and implement a message delivery system that will identify you with the top concerns of your voters.

Tel Opinion Research is research you can trust; Research you can afford.