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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"
(Raymond Berry, Baltimore Colts)

At IGOE/Associates, we believe candidates and public officials should be prepared for that opportunity.

For incumbents, that means raising money in the years prior to the re-election campaign. It also means understanding how legislative issues play politically and maintaining a level of visibility that makes you a potential beneficiary of every opportunity. It means finding an issue on which you can attain an expertise and about which your constituency cares.

For candidates, that means making smart decisions early in the process. It means a plan that is realistic and achievable. It means a strategy based on solid information that gets the most bang out of every buck. And it means a message that emphasizes your strength while exploiting your opponent's weakness and at the same time inoculates you against attacks.

As a candidate, or as an incumbent, you will benefit from gaining an identity with the voter that demonstrates your connection to the voter's daily life. That identity can be achieved by constant repetition of your basic message and developing slight variations built around the same theme.

IGOE/Associates. We help you make your own luck.