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"Ask And You Shall Receive"
(The Bible)

At IGOE/Associates we believe that your political fortunes are directly linked to your ability to raise money. That's where we come in.

Like most things, fundraising requires a plan. We will create a finance plan, including a campaign budget, which will lay out the sources of funding and their respective levels. We will create direct mail fundraising solicitations, assist you in identifying and calling high donors and put together events which will raise both money and the visibility of your campaign.

We have run some of the largest fundraising events in Maryland. We featured guests such as former Vice- President Dan Quayle, U. S. Senator Phil Gramm and former Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady.

IGOE/Associates will run your event from start to finish. We will develop your theme, design the invitation, pick a site and a menu, arrange the catering, put together the program and coordinate the press coverage. We monitor the ticket sales in advance and keep you informed of the progress. We even share the burden of solicitation phone calls with you.

Attention to detail, innovative ideas and sensitivity to your donors and your political situation - - These are the hallmarks of an IGOE/Associates run event.